Pancha Pakshi Jyothisham


Every individual want happiness in the world and do not accept sorrow and misery.Our ancient Tamil Siddhas have formulated a golden key in the name of PANCHA PAKSHI SHASTRAM a scientific approach to solve our sorrow and misery.These Siddhas were great scientists,physicians and psycologistswho have analysed life in its fullness both on mundane and abstract levels and have dictated scientific principles leading human to success in both levels.

They have formulated the effects of Moon in its waxing and waning cycles ,the 12 rasis,27 stars,five boothas (elements) and they have given five birds and their status like Eat,Move,Sleep,Death and Rule for prediction in PANCHA PAKSHI SHASTRAM.


It can be used to predict all individual problems and solutions for the same and for medicines.

It can be used to do White and black magic using 8 main activities called ashtakarma but black magic is banned here.


Due to certainty and definiteness of result yielding of this science there are maxims in Tamil warn that one should not develop enemity with a man with knowledge of Pancha Pakshi and when applied for selfless ends the human lives comfortably and attains emancipation at the end.

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