GuruDakshinai is very well recommended by our fore fathers and with the present day cost of living I request you to deposit the following amounts to my bank a/c and inform and contact.

BANK Central Bank of India
SB A/C No. 1526268034
BRANCH Ellis Nagar Branch, Madurai


Indian Overseas
1. Horoscope casting and general predictions with a print out and chat for 30 minutes in person or on skype or mail Rs. 1500/- $25
2.a.Detailed Predictions including the current dasa prediction with a print out and chat for 30 minutes for three sittings Rs. 10000/- $150
2.b.Specific Plans of Individuals with a print out and chat for 30 minutes for three sittings. Rs. 7500/- $100
Items 1&2a combined Rs. 11000/- $175
Items 1,2a,2b combined Rs. 17000/- $250
3.Numerology Guidance Rs. 1500/- $25
4.Muhurtha fixing Rs. 1500/- $25
5.Vaasthu-Site inspection and suggestions Rs. 3000/- $50 +to &fro expenses. $50 +to &fro expenses.
6.Marriage Matching Rs. 1500/- for every matching + 1000 for additional matching $25 for every matching + $15 for additional matching
7.Prasna Kundali prediction Rs. 1500/- $25
8. Marriage Bureau
a.For registration
Rs. 500/- $15
b. For enquiries Rs. 1000/- $25
9.Pancha Pakshi Jyothisham
a. Preliminary casting of the details of Pakshis and a general prediction
Rs. 1500/- $25
b. Detailed charts for one year on a daily basis and predictions for progress in a year Rs. 30000/- $400
c. Detailed charts for one month on a daily basis in a month as a model for further months Rs. 5000/- $75
d. Consultation for action based on the timings of the birds Rs. 1000/- $15

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