1. Horoscopes Casting

Data Required-Date of Birth, Time of birth, place of birth with authentic proof such as birth certificates, old horoscopes.

In my experience with the horoscopes I have handled casting of Horoscopes plays a major role.In olden days the time given by the village medical practitioner was used and in modern times everybody is ready with their watches but not tuned to IST to tell us the time of birth. I take much time to cast the horoscope manually and by computer using two soft wares and relate any important incidents in an individual's life to conclude the time of birth, date of birth & place of birth.

2. Horoscopes Prediction

Prediction is divine and requires Guru's blessing at that moment and what the Guru instructs thro' us will be revealed to the individual. Hence it is essential on the part of the individual to approach an astrologer with full faith and prayers to their Kula Devatas, Ishta Devatas requesting them for good guidance as frequently as possible as you see a doctor when you are ill . An astrologer can only guide you with the Guru's blessings and he cannot be an authority.

My predictions will be in three stages and will require three sittings.

  1. General-A preliminary qualitative analysis with regard to planetary positions and a general prediction based on past incidents and ascertaining whether the horoscope cast gives correct results.
  2. Detailed Predictions-Based on qualitative and quantitative analysis of the position, strength of planets, maha dasas and antardasas,Gochara or transits combined in Varshaphala-
    i) General detailed predictions are given for education, health, career, marriage, progeny, business, wealth and properties and the steps and remedies to be followed scrupulously to attain results
    ii)predictions for three Mahadasas,Antardasas including the current Mahadasa
    iii)Varshaphala predictions for three years.
  3. Specific plans or issues of individuals - One of Progeny, education, health, career, business, marriage, or wealth and properties- Detailed analysis, calculations and working out the favorable periods right up to Sooksma Dasa and guiding the individual regarding his/her plans to achieve results.

3. Numerology

Numerology also plays an important in producing results as the sound of pronunciation of a name gives extra energy and hence numerology correction to the names are vital and will be done by me as per Hindu Shastras.

4. Vaasthu

An individual's fortune is very much affected by the environment and the place of residence whether it is a rented premises or owned house or apartment. I am a civil engineer and I personally inspect the office or residence and specify simple remedies.

5. Marriage Matching

Nowadays parents find it hard to fix a bride or groom to their wards and they are knocking all doors and doing all sorts of pariharams without understanding the basics and carrying a marriage matching book in their hands. I consider this as a social problem to be dealt by able astrologers and I guide them with simple pariharams for a happy result.

6. Muhurtha

Our divine Rishis, forefathers have guided us to fix a Muhurtha for every event. It is the duty of every astrologer to fix the best Muhutrtha for the events proposed and I will be fixing it sincerely.

7. Prasna Kundali

A chart is cast based on the time of the query. This is studied as an add-on chart to give predictions.

8. Marriage Bureau

Off late I am getting enquiries for brides/grooms from parents. Hence I propose to create a database of prospective brides/grooms and will be opening a separate web site for the same. For the time being I will collect the BHP or Bio-data, Horoscope with date, time and place of birth and photos.

9.Pancha Pakshi Jyothisham

The analysis and predictions will be in three stages

  1. Preliminary casting of the details such as Lagna Pakshi,Janma Pakshi,Nakshatra Pakshi and Maha dasa and antar dasa with the data of individual-DOB, TOB, POB and a general prediction.
  2. Detailed charts for one year on a daily basis and predictions for progress in a year.
  3. Consultation for action based on the timings of the birds.

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